Pre-lecture in Europe

Two master chefs of Japanese cuisine will present a short program and demonstration in Italy and the UK. 








Master Satoshi SAITO
Master Saito has been the executive head chef of Tachibanaya ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn) since 2002. 
It is well known for its refined Kaiseki course preparation full of local and seasonal ingredients. 
He is a certified chef by the outstanding technic association of Japan
Master Takeshi Suda
Head chef in educational restaurant Okimizuki in Kamo Aquarium which contributes to a
local fishery and cultural revival center, young master Suda devotes his passion to various educational
programs  from traditional tea ceremonies to technical cutting of the Fugu fish.   

Meet with GEN Food Lab Masters in London

14 July 2018 @ Sozai School 

5 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7AA

-An exclusive knife skill demonstration by  master chef Suda
-Dashi demonstration by master chef Saito. 
-Ramen noodle making workshop
-Cold ramen tasting
-Sake tasting

15 July 10:30  @ Hyper Japan


"Japanese Gastro Quiz" 

Who is the super taster of Japan?

Sozai cooking school is delighted to introduce two master washoku chefs from Tsuruoka in Japan. Tsuruoka in Yamagata prefacture is the only UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in Japan.



Come and join us as we are fascinated the knife presentation by Master Suda, taste the real Umami soup by Master Saito. We have three quizzes and only the winner will get the sensational dish!!! Don't miss out on gorgeous Japanese foodie gifts!!!



*Limited seating available. Please email any enquiries to

Meet with Our Masters in Italy

Coming soon !